Introduction: Make a Portrait Lampshade

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Got a torch lamp that needs a personal touch?  You can make an interesting lampshade just by using your lampshade as a sketch pad!

1 plastic lampshade
1 black permanent marker
1 piece of paper
scotch tape
old magazines

Look in old magazines for an image that fits the size of your lampshade.  You might instead be inspired to use one of your own photos.  Test the permanent marker on the bottom of the shade.  This marker appears auburn because the plastic tests the limits of the permanent marker.  I almost thought the surface was too slick to draw but the marker took on a voluptous reddish hue.

Step 1: Step 2: Sketch It

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I used the sunlit window as a light table by taping the image and my paper to the glass.  I traced her features on my paper.

I cropped my piece of paper with scissors and tucked the image inside the lampshade.  

Step 2: Step 3: Lamp Shade Draw

Picture of Step 3: Lamp Shade Draw

I carefully traced her facial features.  I filled her hair with broad stokes.


divyakesav made it! (author)2015-11-17

Thanks for the wonderful idea

l8nite (author)2013-03-20

this is a really cool idea although I'd suggest using acrylic paint instead of the marker which will fade very quickly. I was just looking at several of these lamp shades in my possibilium pile wondering what I could do with them, your idea has jump started my muse

ravenking (author)l8nite2013-03-21

I chose to paint with acrylic would I need to sand the surface since my plastic lampshade is very slick?

I look forward to your instructables.

l8nite (author)ravenking2013-03-21

I'm really not sure but I intend to experiment in the near future. I've found few surfaces that acrylics won't stick to w/o a primer or scuffing

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