Picture of Make a Predator Shoulder Canon
Having completed the Bio helmet, it was time to start work on some other props for the body painting. I wanted to make the shoulder plasma canon, so I started with a Pepakura PDO file I found on the net.
I spent an evening cutting and assembling the Pep, but I soon abandoned it. It was HUGE and didn't seem in proportion either. I reasoned that once covered in resin and filler it would be too big and not the correct shape.

So I needed to build one from scratch.
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Step 1: Basic construction

Picture of Basic construction
The weapon essentially consists of two cylinders at right angles to each other. I used two sections of pipe lagging sponge and cut one for the barrel and one for the generator. The exact dimensions were not that important since it seems from the films that each predator has their own personalised canon.

I cut one section about 10" (26 cms) long from 1 1/2" (38 mm) diameter lagging and one section 2" long from some 2 1/2" (65 mm) lagging. I carved a curve in one end of the smaller diameter to mate up the the larger using a sharp knife, then using cocktail sticks to strengthen the joint I glued them together. This gives the basic general shape and already looked better proportioned than the PEP.

I then added a flat section, a piece of a barrel and then gave the entire thing a coat of resin. Once cured I filled some of the gaps and sanded it back. This leaves a thin hard shell over a lightweight foam core.

Step 2: Building up the body

Picture of Building up the body

The next step is to start to build up the general shapes and bulk of the body. I did this using card, sponge and filler along with some old parts from the scrap box.

I slowly built up the layers until I had a good idea of the general shapes.
The rods along the sides were added using some green split garden cane, along with plastic strip and rod.

Once all the basic shaping elements were completed I left it to fully dry overnight.
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i will by it off you
marshon (author)  aidanjarosgrilli3 years ago
Sure no problem. These are £90.00 GBP each plus shipping. Send me a PM if you would like to discuss this.
what is it in australian dollars?
marshon (author)  aidanjarosgrilli3 years ago
about 145 AUD plus shipping which is likely to be between 35 and 60 AUD depending on where it is to be sent.
tchitwood4 years ago
Wow! That is awesome! So detailed. Wonderful job!