Step 6: Viewing Port

Picture of Viewing Port
 Cut out a window on the lid of the container so you can see the screen of your camera. Using the same technique you did to make the lens, mount a piece of plastic on the INSIDE with screws, foam, and silicone.
net20055 years ago
quick an easy: ziplock bag
VadimS5 years ago
Shouldn't the plastic be on the outside? So that the water pressure will help it seal.
nepheron (author)  VadimS5 years ago
 It's not going very deep. Practicality overpowered functionality in this project.
VadimS nepheron5 years ago
I was mainly wondering wy you specified the inside as I can't see wy it would matter.
nepheron (author)  VadimS5 years ago
The outside of the lid has rough texture, with an embossed logo and such. I was afraid that the rough surface would effect the gasket, so I mounted the window on the smooth inside.