Step 4: Print and Bind with Staples

Picture of Print and Bind with Staples

Now that your book is ready to print it's time to get down to the actual building process. If you're having trouble, please refer to the fantasticle book binding ible written by KaptinScarlet. Please also see the photos I have attached for more details as to how I have done this.

Step 1: After you have printed your booklet, fold and staple each 8 sheet combo of 32 pages together. You do this by first taking the first 8 page combo, pages 1 - 32 (in my document the first 2 pages are blank so your combination should end on page 30). Fold the entire combination as a group in half. Unfold the group of papers

In this part you will be binding the group of papers with a staple. Turn this group upside down so that the spine is facing up. Take a pushpin and poke 4 holes through the spine, 2 holes for each staple. I found this is easily done by taking a single staple and pressing it into the spine so that a small mark is made. Use these marks as your guide as you make your holes. Once you have poked 4 holes through the spine insert 2 staples all the way through. On the opposite side bend the staples shut so that they bind your papers together. Do this for each 8 sheet combination.

bumbums4 years ago
Does this mean you need a3 paper and an a3 printer?
mdog934 years ago
Obviously if you have a long-armed stapler then used it here, because this is the exact purpose of a long-armed stapler. Although I understand most people don't own one, I could get acces to one at my school, the school my dad works at or at the printing room of my church. I'm sure there are other places people could borrow them from- print shop, library, post office maybe?