Introduction: Make a Quilling Kit for Kids Less Than 8 Years Old

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A friend of mine wanted something awesome for his kid who is 6 years old. A quilling desktop card came to the mind. But handing over a sharp tool like a quilling pin to a kid less than 8 years old is totally a no no, considering the safety. So I decided to make the parts before hand and give it as a kit to the kid.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Modeling board for the card

Quilling strips

Quilling pin


Computer and printer to print out the cover

Step 2: The Card

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Cut out a modelling board size will be 4inchx6inch.

You can use your own size as required

Cut a triangular piece as the stand from another board. I used 2 inchx5 inch piece. Cut it diagonally and you get the stand.

Using scotch tape attach the stand to the back of the main board and you are done with the board.

Step 3: Quilling Pieces

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We need to make

5 petals

1 s shaped strip for the stem

3 bullets (tight rolls) for the center of the petals and the fruits

2 flat shapes for the leafs

Step 4: All Comes Together

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Assemble the pieces one last time ( no gluing) to check if we are missing anything.

Collect the pieces into a packaging thing. Please use your imagination for packaging the things.

Step 5: Print the Label

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Preferably use a laser printer to print the label. You can also use a ink jet printer. Just make sure the ink does not smudge.

Step 6: All Comes Together

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Assemble everything together and put them into some kind of packaging and you re done to give it to a kid. I have not included any manual as the images on the label are self explanatory.

Step 7: Final Output

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The kids have the just open the packaging and glue the quilled pieces to make their own personalized cards.


parisusa (author)2016-07-15

I haven't finished Mario's hand yet (need more cream paper). But I'm doing a Luigi, too. I got the basic design from Google/Etsy but changed some colors and added some elements. Says it's copyrighted but I'm not selling it. Just for my son's bedroom wall, everyone! Also, my quilling tool is just from AC Moore. The kind with the two "teeth" but a tooth pick or Q-tip with the cotton cut off would be great for little kids! Green frame for Mario. Blue frame for Luigi!

artworker (author)parisusa2016-07-17

Too awesome! I will also make mario with the ? box and all! Thanks for the pics!

parisusa (author)2016-07-14

Kits for kids or any beginner are a great idea and this is nicely executed. My quilling tool isn't a pin and my son (age 11) has used it plus I have heard tooth picks & other options are good so if your child is coordinated, I would give them a chance to try the actual quilling after they make the card (my son helped me make a Mario picture for his room!). Kids can do a lot more than we give them credit for! Nice instructable for parents, teachers & sitters!

artworker (author)parisusa2016-07-14

"My quilling tool isn't a pin" please post pic of your quilling tool! Would love to see them. If possible, pic of the quilling mario too.

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