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Quillows were first made using a thin quilt, adding a pocket and turning the quilt into a pillow (Quil-low). Today they are much easier to make using fleece. They are fun, easy to make and they travel really well, they make great gifts, and they are WARM! We will be driving to Colorado for Christmas and this Quillow might just come in handy. So here is how to make your own quillow.
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Step 1:

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60” x 72” (153cm x 183cm) piece of fleece (color pattern of your choice)
Scrap piece of fleece (complimentary/contrasting color)
Rotary cutter
Sewing scissors
Cutting mat
Straight pins
Sewing machine and matching/contrasting thread
Measuring tape

Step 2:

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Using sewing scissors, to trim the bias edges from the long sides of the fleece for fleece does not unravel, so you don’t have to hem it.

Step 3:

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Next step is figure out the size the pocket piece of fleece will need to be. Using math, you determine what ¼ of the length of the fleece plus 1 inch (72”/4=18”+1”=19”) and 1/3 of the width of the fleece plus 1 inch (60”/3=20”+1”=21”) so the pocket piece of fleece needs to be 19” x 21”. My scrap piece was 60 “long and 11 inches wide. I cut two 21” long pieces and sewed them together and then cut it to 19” wide.

Step 4:

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I took the pocket and sewed a ½ inch (1.25cm) hem along one long side and zigzagged down the middle of the seam to keep it flat.

Step 5:

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I took the main piece of fleece and determined which side I liked best and put it that side which I will call the right side, up. I determined were the center of the bottom edge is, by folding it in half, and marked it with a pin. I did the same with the pocket. I pinned the pocket to the center bottom edge of the main piece of fleece with the right side of the pocket down, (in sewing this is called, “sewing the right sides together”).
I love quillows! I used to use the pouch to stick my feet in to keep my tosies warm!
hotfarts1 year ago
Of course, to actually get comfortable, one needs two quillows. Think about it.
I want one! I want one!
I really doo....

Great instructable:-)