Make a Quilted Car Seat Cover (car seat tent)

Picture of Make a Quilted Car Seat Cover (car seat tent)

I saw a blog on a car seat cover, and decided that it would be even cuter as a quilt!! So, here's how I made mine.
What you will need:
A quilt that measures 22 x 44 (I'll talk about this size in just a bit)
4 coordnating fabric (Scraps!!) 2 1/2 inches by 10 inches
2 2 1./2 x 10 inch interfacing
4 snaps (or 2 big buttons)

I'll work through the options, so read it all before you go shopping! :) 

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Step 1: Your Quilt

Picture of Your Quilt
Make your quilt!   This isn't an instructable on how to do that, you'll need to look at a different instructable for that, but here are some tips to tell you what size of quilt you want to use.

I have made 4 of these covers for friends, and they have each been a little bit different.  The size that I like the best is 22x44. This size works good because it completly covers the car seat but doesn't drag on the floor.  If you choose to make it bigger, I wouldn't go beyond 26x 50. But use a size that works well with the pattern you choose.

This quilt is a nine patch each nine patch measures 5 1/2 inches. There are 4 nine patches across and 8 nine patches long. (22x44)
This is my most recent quilt, and you will notice that I angled the corners.  After I had it quilted, I cut diaganaly through each of the corner nine patches.  Not only does it look super cute it also makes it so that the quilt is less likely to get caught under the car seat.

(The Mickey Mouse quilt  was a four patch with solids and they measure 4 1/4.  There are 6 across and 11 long. with a 1 1/2 inch border and a 2 1/2 inch border (24 x 44) )

I don't use batting in these quilts. This is because the batting makes the quilt heavier and I want the quilts to be breathable.

Piece your quilt and then quilt and bind it. The steps following are how to turn it into a cover!!
ohh this is adorable i have seen ones that have an oval flap that velcrows up and down so you can check on baby. Do you think there is a way to adapt this to have a simular feature
I'm sure you could. you would need to decide how big (and where) you want your viewing window to be, mark it out, cut it out and then bind it the same you do the edge of your quilt. Then you would make your flap (probably 2 inches bigger) and bind it. After that you would attach the flap across the top (straight stitch and zig zag stitch to give it extra strength) and add your Velcro across the bottom :)

I would love to see a picture of you have seen, and a picture if you make one!!!
Graceanne3 years ago
First let me say the work you have done is lovely. Forgive me though, what is the purpose of this? I know it can't be for use when a baby is in the seat due to the danger of suffocation. Is it just to cover the seat and make it look nice when not in use?
andieshomeschool (author)  Graceanne3 years ago
Thank you!
Actually, it is for use while the baby is in the car seat. We live in a windy area, and the wind would often take our babies breath away, so we would put a blanket directly on them, which did cause concern for suffocation. This cover pulls the blanket up off of their face and provides a wind/sun breaker for the baby without being directly on top of them.
The cover does come all the way around the car seat, but it does not seal, and it is very thin (no batting).
Many parents toss a blanket over the top of the handle, but that can make it difficult to hold the carrier or carry it very far.
This just worked better for us!!