Step 16: Trim out whole pouch body and round corners

Picture of Trim out whole pouch body and round corners
After spending hours of constructing, this is perhaps the most nerve-wracking step. Using a metal straight edge with a cork bottom and a brand new #11 xacto blade will help.

a. Close the pouch together so that the Velcro, plates and outer seams are aligned. Check alignment again! Lay the closed pouch on your cutting surface and along one long edge, and align your straight edge 1/8 (.32) away from the outer seam. Give yourself a little bit more room if your stitching is not very straight or consistent to avoid cutting into the outer double seam.

b. Apply very firm pressure to the straight edge and with a slow firm cut, slice off the excess, cutting through all the layers at once. (You may have to do this in a couple cuts.) Repeat for the other side. Do the same for the short, bottom edge by the Velcro.

c. Cutting through both sides at once, round the corners. You can get away with cutting one corner at a time if you wish.