Step 4: The canopy: adding casings for the frame

Picture of The canopy: adding casings for the frame
Now it's time to add casings for the frame supports to the canopy.

Measure the length of the flexible pipe between the joints on the frame. Cut three casings from each of the red and violet scrap fabric pieces. Make them 4" wide and a matching length to your measurement.

Cut one of each of these in two. Hem all the short edges (I simply serged them, but I suggest a sturdier method like a rolled hem).

Fold in half to form tubes and sew these casings down along the lengthwise blue-violet seam and the lengthwise red-orange seam. Position the short casings about 1" to either side of the center seam, and the longer ones about 2" from the ends of the short ones.

Cut end casings from the blue or green fabric. These will go from the red-orange seam to the blue-violet seam, plus an inch or so, and they need to be about 7-8" wide. Hem the ends.

Mark three or four intervals along each casing where there will need to be pass-throughs for zip ties. Where these are depends on the structure of your crib. Make two buttonholes at each interval, about an inch and a half to either side of the center of the strip.

Finally, fold into tubes, and sew across the width from orange to blue. Topstitch or flatfell this seam as well, for strength.