Today we're going to see how to make a rat hammock!

Well, rat or ferret... or whatever animals may like a nice cozy hammock.

The entire project is fairly freehand, with no need to print patterns, and can be completed in less than two hours . Really, it probably takes a lot less than two hours because I was stopping to take pictures and also had a plumber come, but I figure I'll say two because that's the upper limit (in case you happen to be interrupted by a plumber).

Edit: I've added optional instructions for a durable backing for the hammock to increase the lifespan of your hammock with or without a big chewing issue.

The project will be broken up into two parts:

1. The first half will be the basic design to a point of functionality from which you can hang the hammock with safety pins which takes a very short amount of time and less materials if your rats happen to be big chewers and it's not worth finishing the whole thing.

2. The second half of the project is the finishing step where we'll add the trim and grommets and such which makes the whole thing take longer, but look very nice. Generally recommended if your critters don't chew on their hammocks much.

All the photos were taken with my cell phone. I think they came out well, but I thought I'd add that in case you don't agree. ;)

Step 1: Gather the Materials

First we want to make sure we have the right materials!

For Part 1 of this project you will need:

-- 2 squares of micro-fleece slightly larger than you want your hammock to be. For our rats, and this project, my final product was 12"x12", so I cut two rough squares about 14x14 to cut down. Contrasting colors are nice, but matching works too. Recycle an old micro-fleece pullover or buy remnants to do this on the cheap.

-- Scissors

-- Ruler

-- Pins

-- Sewing Machine

-- Thread, etc. for the sewing machine.

--(Optional) A square of more durable material such as denim, canvas, duck cloth, etc. about the size of your fleece squares.
<p>Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>Very clever and nice looking too! I need to replace our rabbit's &quot;hiding place&quot; and I think I can make this sturdier than something I can buy. He is definitely a chewer.... Thanks!</p>
This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
are these degu-proof
Well, I've never had a degu, so I don't know how much they like to climb/chew on their climbing stuff...although they look like they have monster chompers.<br><br>I'd say to anyone looking to add more durability, once the checkerboard weave is done, but before it's edged and the grommets put in would be a good time to trace the hammock onto a piece of sturdier fabric (like denim or canvas).<br><br>Then you can use that material to back the hammock so the critters get a cozy fleece nest, that will stand up to chewing.<br><br>Another good way to increase the lifespan of this is to A) use small metal chains to hang this for un-chewability or B) use an easily replaced hanging system like the cable ties shown. When they show wear, replace them so your critters don't take a tumble.
denim sounds great as degus are the one and only destructo rat
Looks cozy.
First rule of rat hammocks.<br><br>They will be chewed.<br><br>There are no other rules.
Then at least they can enjoy it until then. ;)<br><br>Really though, our girls don't. They chew anything cardboard we give them, but the hammocks stay whole for a long time. We generally only have to pitch them when they get enough buildup to resist washing.

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