Creating a real life comic is a great activity if you have small kids and it is definitely something the whole family will enjoy. I often leave my computer to my younger cousins when they come so they can have fun while I'm busy working. It is very easy to use and children particularly will be actively involved in the whole process which goes from taking the pictures to creating the plot of the story and then designing the comic. It is a great way for them to learn and have fun at the same time.

Comic Life is a really easy to use software that has several built-in templates and is available in different languages. Unfortunately it is available only for Mac computers. Get it here . You have a 30 day trial and then you can buy the license for just $20.00 US. If you're a Mac user and have Tiger installation discs, it is available under the "Install Bundled Software Only" option.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Required

For this instructable we will need:
1. Comic Life
2. Mac Computer
3. Digital photo camera or pictures you have taken already
4. Imagination!!

5.Old clothes. Great when building stages and costumes.
6.Printer. Kind of obvious but, use it to print your comics...
This is great. Kids would especially love it. Good job!
Thanks! I know, I really wanted to show one with my younger cousins in it but I thought it was kind of inappropriate to have their pictures on the Internet. They do enjoy a lot being the heroes/villains/princes/princesses and they spend a lot of time thinking about a plot.
The cousins can still do there own and you can help them. Voted.
Gotcha! ;-)
Once I made it with the pics at zoo , the album was themed: <br>My first visit to the zoo<br>The pics were taken at the fist time of a child had visited the zoo.<br>
Nice! You can do a comic out of basically any situation. I used it once for a school project and the teacher loved it, I had the whole class in it.

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