Make a Real Steel Batarang





Introduction: Make a Real Steel Batarang



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    This is awesome! Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a similar batarang but one that's a wall hook? That is, a hook to use to hang a towel on that looks like a batarang is lodged in the wall. (Like these ninja throwing stars, but a batarang: I don't have the skills to make this but would like to try to get my boyfriend one for Christmas. Thanks!

    Ooops! I just checked out the web address that you posted. I was mistaken. You just want a few Batarang pounded into the wall to hang stuff on. Thats easy peasy! Not the coat hanger wall thing I suggested. They will make a nice hole in your wall though. Good Luck. They do sell them out there. Just Google them. Have fun with them.

    WOT, no plasma cutter ?

    I've said it before and will say it again...
    "Where's a lightsaber when you need one?"

    PLEASE, any plasma cutters to loan me (forever) ? I will make you one of my instructables, custom to your specifications! For FREE! OK ? Please?

    I just heard there is a thing called a "Water Jet" that cuts through metal like a knife through butter! Is that cool or what ? I want one!

    Plasma torches are awesome tools, nice work, hope you have the cape to go with it!


    Wow, a plasma cutter torch is so fast! Anyone have a spare they can send me ? I will make you some awesome stuff! Seriously! See my instructables and choose anything. I will make it for you. My 4.5" De Walt Angle Grinder is so slow, but it works and its all I have! Let me know, OK ? Thanks.

    Right, "Man at Arms" made this but with a Plasma Cutter, I did it with an Angle Grinder which is much harder and takes much more work. Someone will do it with a Laser too, so I give credit to you all.