Picture of Make a Realistic Makeup Compound Fracture
This tutorial will show you how to make a realistic compound fracture from materials that can be found in your local costume shop, Halloween Store or online. This Makeup FX adds a great touch to your Zombie or accident victim costume. Scare your friends and family!

Word of caution, a small but significant number of people can have severe allergic reactions to Latex. If you are unsure, please apply a small amount of latex to the inside of the your elbow and keep it there for at least one hour. If there is no rash, itching, swelling or difficulty breathing remove the latex and continue. If there is any reaction at all, remove the latex and seek medical help! When applying latex, make sure that the area is FREE OF HAIR or that you have a high tolerance for pain!
Three white Straws
Liquid Latex or Flexible Sealer
Nose and Scar Wax
Latex Skin
Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
Thick Blood or Fresh Scab
Stage Blood
Bruise or Trauma Stack
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Step 1: Straws

Picture of Straws
Take three white straws large straws and cut them into 3 equal pieces of 2"-3" sections. Take the Spirit Gum and apply to one side of each straw. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute and stick the straws together in a pyramid shape. Set aside.

Step 2: Latex Skin

Picture of Latex Skin
Take a sheet of Latex Skin (Buy in a store or make your own) and cut a square just large enough to wrap around the three straws you glued together. Brush a little latex onto the straws. Allow to partially dry. Wrap latex skin around the straws. Pull tight. Brush a little latex onto the outer edge of the skin to seal it shut. Allow latex to dry completely before proceeding.
Troupe63713 months ago
How can I make latex skin or where can I buy it
chany1964 (author)  Troupe63713 months ago
Hi if you go to my "how to make a disemboweled zombie" the section on making the intestines is the same way you make latex skin (6 layersof latex on a non-porous surface.) The only difference is that the latex sshould be powdered on both sides and you do not need to color the latex with makeup. The powder on both sides of the latex is to insure that the latex does not stick to itself. Hope that helps!
Troupe63713 months ago
How can I make latex skin or where can I buy it
gross067 made it!1 year ago

I made this for the Zombie Halloween costume end of last year and people thought it was so real when I posted it to facebook they started calling my family to see if I was ok!

Fake Broken Arm.jpg
chany1964 (author)  gross0675 months ago


Katz2U5 months ago

How would one make their own latex skin?

Halphinian1 year ago
that's scary
That is absolutely incredible! Thanks for posting!
wow, super
cossiegirl1 year ago
I made mine from 300 bloom gelatine in a mould from my sculpture and my daughter loves to model for me
annarosesc1 year ago
That is just gross ahaha. I haven't wanted to post in months until I saw this disgusting thing. I was eating breakfast and thank god I knew this was fake.

beckyb72 years ago
This is excellent. I teach forensic science and prepare mock crime scenes. I make them as realistic as possible and will certainly use this. Do you know how to make realistic brain matter? Not a brain but what would look like a brain that's been shot. Once I tried canned dog food and my volunteer "dead" person threw up. I haven't tried it since.
I did use chicken livers as guts once. It looked pretty good, but my miniature dachshund climbed up on top of the kid and ate them. That's another thing. How would you make intestines spilling out?
When I worked for an ambulance company, one of our instructors who did a lot of moulage would use cooked instant oatmeal as the actual chunks of brain matter (combined with a lot of stage blood). It was fairly convincing.
Thanks for the suggestion! You have perfect timing. My first mock crime scene is in 2 weeks.
chany1964 (author)  beckyb72 years ago
In the past I have used jello (grape or cherry) mixed with whip cream and, its a good color and has a good consistency. Do not use this outside, as it will attract bees and wasps. Most of the time I use a 3-D gel that is available from most theatrical makeup companies, I use Mehron. Hopefully next month I will be posting a disemboweling, so check back.
GerinaFigg1 year ago
Hahaha I just grossed my husband out by showing him this picture. He thought it was a real bone! Great job it looks so real.
spikec1 year ago
This is awesome, nice instructable!
Ninjapop2 years ago
Very realistic! Nice!
dpamecha2 years ago
U R Damn freak But u made it so realastic and too awsome. Can we attach it later also
meyers3 years ago
well i got a question.
what if i use real blood? like chiken blood?
would it work?

thanks in advance ;)
chany1964 (author)  meyers3 years ago
Well, i suppose you could use real blood or chicken blood, but I think it would start to smell bad and clot up and it would probably not dry or end up looking as good as stage blood. Stage blood is designed to dry and retain its wet look unlike real blood that just clots and gets crusty!
Got it. Thanks
mojo133 years ago
I think you should go to the hospital with that on, see what kind of reaction you get with it....
Chirpoff3 years ago
Ewww... you did a pretty realistic job on that! Just out of curiosity, have you ever "tried it" on anybody? :)
chany1964 (author)  Chirpoff3 years ago
Yeah, my neighbor who screamed and said she was going to call 911! Poor thing, I almost gave her a heart attack!
Oh no! LOL, that's funny though! :D
nedim1553 years ago
marcchan253 years ago
Itlooks very real
scoochmaroo3 years ago
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Yup, looks just as disgusting as when I watched bone poke through my friend's arm. Nice work!
That is mighty gross looking!
Kiteman3 years ago