Make a Reflector for Photography




Introduction: Make a Reflector for Photography

this is a simple reflector that can be used for getting a perfect picture. you can use the same process to make any size of the reflector.

Step 1: Step 1:gathering the Material

All you need can be found easily at home.

1) Cardboard ( I used an Amazon box . You can use any size of cardboard.)

2) Aluminium foil ( foil paper)

3) Tape

4) Scissor

Step 2: Step 3: Making the Reflector

now cover the cardboard from one side.

Now turn it upside down where the fully covered face should be facing down

At the back fold all the extra foil and stick it with a tape.

Step 3: Step 3 : Using It.

You can use it anywhere while capturing pictures. It can be used to give an extra light.



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