Introduction: Make a Reindeer From a Computer Carton

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Did you get a new computer for Christmas? What will you do with the box? This instructible shows how to turn a cardboard box into a box-y reindeer!

Step 1: You Have an Empty Box . . .

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Draw the legs on the flaps of the box. Flaps that are designated as the "sides" of the reindeer will show a more curved leg shape for the "hind" legs.

Step 2: Draw All of the Legs

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The front and back of the reindeer have the same straight-leg profile, while the left and right sides have the recurved hind legs.

Step 3: Cut the Waste Areas From the Flaps.

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Use a sharp knife to cut the flaps.


It is easy to "overshoot" your cut and have your knife turn on you. Also, the double-thickness cardboard used for computer cartons will dull a box cutter very fast. Snap off new knife edges often, to have a sharp cutting edge.

Step 4: Make the Reindeer's Head

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Use one of the waste pieces of cardboard to cut out a head.

Do full-cuts through parts of the drawn lines, but only cut the top layer of the cardboard in the middle of the lines (It will make sense when you see the picture).

Remove the waste areas to make two flaps on the sides of the head.

Step 5: Attach the Head to the Body

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The flaps that remain attached to the head are connected to the body by two slots that you will cut.

Step 6: Make the Antlers

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Use some more of the waste cardboard to make the antlers.

Take a look at some reindeer (or pictures of them) to see what the antlers are SUPPOSED to look like.

Step 7: Attach the Antlers

Picture of Attach the Antlers

Cut two slots into the top of the reindeer near the head. The antlers attach here.

Step 8: You're Done! Merry Christmas!

Picture of You're Done!  Merry Christmas!

Isn't it cute? Give your reindeer a name. Draw some eyes.

With a little extra work, you can make a more 3-dimensional head, cut out nostrils and eyes, add some ears, etc.

You can also attach a red LED to the end of the nose, if you're really making a special reindeer.


Lasse Rintakumpu (author)2007-12-26

...then again, the owners of those reindeer might not like me walking their animals home to function as pets.

Thus I decided to make one of these boxy ones after all:

Lasse Rintakumpu (author)2007-12-24

Would probably make myself several of these if we hadn't real reindeer running rampant in Finland.

LeetZombie (author)2007-12-22

Lol, saw this on Lifehacker, its awesome.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-20

lol funny looking, but very creative!

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