Step 11: Assemble

Start by flipping the body of the card upside down, center your ruler over the middle part of the card and use it as a break.

bend upwards in a 90 degree angle, then remove the ruler, continue bending the card until both halves meet.

Next get your first 10 segment wheel and line it up inside of the card where the center hole of the wheel lines up with the leftmost hole in the card, and run a paper fastener through it, repeat for the second 10 segment wheel for the middle hole, and the 8 segment wheel on the rightmost hole.

Once all the wheels and fasteners are in place use your wire cutters to trim the ends of the fasteners down to about 1/4 inch long, then bend them down.

Make sure they are fairly tight, but not so tight that the wheels will not move, and enjoy!

MacabreRob4 years ago
Very nice. Very handy. Just printed it out at work (they have the color printer) and going to assemble it tonight. I was teaching my son some basic electronics a couple weeks ago for a Boy Scout merit badge and had him looking up the color values from an index card taped up on the back of my electronics kit box. This will make it easier.

I just hope I don't lose it... :-)
mab00854 years ago
good one
tundrawolf6 years ago
That's pretty slick! good idea, thanks! I'll give you $5 to print out another piece of cardboard and send it to me. Just kidding! :)