Step 2: Design of the card (part 1)

Picture of Design of the card (part 1)
I guess I could have just ripped apart my radio shack card and scanned it, and called it an Instructable ... but thats no fun (and possibly breaching copyright).

The original radio shack card shows color codes for resistors, capacitors, and inductors, but to be totally honest, I have never used the inductor side, and rarely have I ran across color coded capacitors (in some vintage radio equipment maybe), so I choose to not bother replicating those, My card will do resistance only.

Also the radio shack card, in accordance with standard resistor color codes shows gold (/10) and silver (/100) on the 3rd band, again something thats not really likely to come up in hobby electronics, so due to part lazyness and part "how am I going to print metallic colors on a inkjet" those 2 are not included in the multiplier section.

The card can show values from 10 ohms to 99 meg-ohms with no confusion , and that should be just fine for most applications, heck the Radio Shack card only does 99 meg- ohms ...

Now on to the design but!

IF you have no interest in how I actually made the graphics for the card, and just wish to print out an image and assemble it please skip ahead to step 7