The last two days I have made some rings. These rings requires only few
materials (only a little piece of hardwood, some copper or silver and epoxy glue). You could make these rings with only a jewelry saw and a drill (and a rotery tool if you want to buff the ring, otherwise sandpaper will do) but access to a pillar drill and a sander makes the process go much faster. The ring makes a nice gift, or you can make it for yourself. Just read this Instructables and go ahead.

Step 1: This Is What You Need

Hardwood I used Ebony, Indian Rosewood, 5mm thick

Copper or silver 1mm thickness

Jewelry saw and a thin saw blade (nr3)


A little piece of waste wood for the template

Jewelry hammer

Butane torch (If you choose to work with silver)



Sandpaper, I used 240-1500 grit

Small fine rasp for metal

Rotery tool for buffing, buffing compount

Gloss varnish (optional)

<p>I'm a Jeweler and I often stack exotic woods and laminate gold or silver and wood to make earrings. I also use Ivory and ebony for rings.</p>
Where on earth do you get ivory?
These istructions including the photos are excellent and the rings are great. As a crafter of sorts, im always looking for things to do a little change up on to make it my own and I can see a myriad of different shapes of a ring using the basis you've provided<br> Thanks so much for sharing.
<p>Beeswax on the blade? Great advice! I have to try that!</p>
<p>Thanks for this instructable! Another material that works really well for this is recycled skate board decks. Often they have multi coloured layers that are glued together. This adds another interesting look to the ring and also makes it very durable. I have never tried copper or brass on top though. Can't wait to try it!</p>
<p>Your imagination and talent continue to amaze. Thank you again for sharing.</p>
<p>This is a awesome compliment it made me so happy, thank you!</p>
<p>Fantastic job as always. Thanks for sharing</p>
<p>And I say the same about your </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Handmade-Wood-Tape-Measure/"><font color="#0066cc">Handmade Wood Tape Measure</font></a></p><p>Keep up the good work.</p>
<p>Great idea! I know what I will be doing!</p>
<p>Nice show a Picture of the result</p>
<p>I think that yo need to change &quot;grid&quot; in &quot;Sandpaper, I used 240-1500 grid&quot; to grit</p>
<p>Thank you, done :-)</p>
<p>just beautiful</p>
<p>I think that this would work very well with figured hickory, applying some french polish before the metal is applied. also, you could use a mini ball peen hammer and some steel as the metal used. hammer the steel onto the template and you have a textured top</p>
<p>elegant and natural!</p>
<p>nice job with few tools!</p>
<p>Thank you and yes indeed you do not need a whole workshop.</p>
<p>Very Nice! This project has been added to my to do list!</p><p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thank you and good luck!</p>
<p>Great work! I wonder if my wood shop teacher would let me do this.</p>
<p>Thank you and I hope he does!</p>
<p>it is beautiful.</p>

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Bio: Hi I am Dutch and lives in Sweden. I love to create tings in my little woodshop.
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