This Instructable will show you how to create a Robot Sculpture that lights up with LEDs. The whole project is pretty inexpensive. All the parts can be found around the house and at the local hardware, and craft store.

I will show you step by step detailed instructions to recreate exactly what I have done. You can copy it exactly or make it your own and just use some of my ideas to create your vision. However you want to do it, it is a fun project and people will be impressed by what you have come up with!

Don't let the amount of steps discourage you, I am trying to split it up a little more to help the work load feel a little less daunting.

Step 1: Laying Out What to Do!

Okay before you can start you need to know what you are making before you can start to buy parts for it. In my case I did many sketches to figure out what style of robot I wanted to make, and whether or not I wanted moving parts, lights etc...

Once I decided on the look, I went to Micheal's and Home Depot to look for parts that might fit what I needed. It took a couple trips back and forth to come up with the combination of parts that I used.

When you have all the parts, you will need to figure out the logical order in which you have to put things together. For me, I wanted to build the robot in pieces so I could paint things as a whole and not have to mask much off.

There is no wrong way in which to build your robot! There are easier ways and harder ways for sure though :)
<p>I made my own but Robotty could use more discriptive instructions</p>
If u could explain the use of each parts and what are the most suitable replacements itll be great
<p>are you interested in selling the Robotty?</p>
Ask him
<p>Does it walk without struggling </p>
<p>Can you Please Send me a link to get all of these stuff. I am interested! </p>
<p>what is the use of this ROBOTTY</p>
That looks so COOL I want to make that plus it is so CUTE!! I am making that!
I wanted to thank you for a HUGE inspiration for making a similar toy for my 3 year old son. I loved your idea so much but wanted to make it my own so I created &quot;Zappo the Robot Clock&quot;. For mine I used an Arduino and some other circuits to create an alarm clock robot that plays sound files, etc.<br> <br>You can check out the video on <a href="http://youtu.be/DAKhcziqQFY" rel="nofollow">YouTube</a><br> <br>or see the <a href="http://sitena.me/zappo/" rel="nofollow">details</a> on my site. <br><br> <br><b>Thanks again for the inspiration!</b>
Great Job!! I especially like the glowing LED glue sticks, really cool Idea!! Too bad they're in the back. Maybe you could figure some way to put Robotty on a lazy suzan so he could rotate and you could see the awesome rocket pack in the back!!
Thank you! It is a lot of fun to find different things that you can add to these sculptures. I am glad you like it!
hey it's great.. but is it just blinked? or got other function?
It is just a sculpture/lamp, I have made others that blink or make noise when you get closer. But this one is just a simple robot sculpture :)
awesome bot how did u think of it
I just starting drawing Robots and one of them looked a little like this one, so I thought why not make him! So I started breaking down the drawing and figuring out what I could use to make it... and Robotty is the outcome! Glad you like it.
is it remote conorolled<br>if not can it be done
It is not remote controlled, not sure what you are wanting to be controlled by a remote. But anything potentially can be controlled by a remote, so sure, it CAN be done!
heyy, can this all be bought from australia?????
Sure, I don't see why not, they are all common found hardware and parts! Just take a look at your local craft store and hardware store. If you need help with anything else let me know, good luck and have fun!
k, thanx :D
Sweet! You have my vote!
Thanks, it was a lot of fun to build!
great looking bot!
Thank you, glad you like it!
I love it!!! You have my vote! :-)
how to mack robo<br>
This is awesome! Great work.
Thank you very much, it was a lot of fun to make! He hangs out on my desk next to me at work and keeps me company :)

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