Step 3: Stick It to the Roller Pin Part I: Super Glue

I found two ways to stick the rubber parts on to the rolling pin. In this step and the next, both are explained.

Before we get to sticking, you need to cut your design out of the inner tube.
I used a soft pencil (6B) to draw on the inner tube rubber. It's hard to get a picture of, but the lines are easy to see in daylight. Using a white crayon might work as well.

Beware of the stamp-effect: Your design will be printed as a "mirror image". Keep this in mind when you choose which side to glue on the rolling pin!

Using super glue is pretty straightforward: Spread out the glue on the rubber parts, and make sure you reach all the edges.
When it is important that your design is not printed as a mirror image (when you use characters, for instance) add glue to the readable (positive) side of the letters!
Very cool. It reminds me of this:<iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/FAHlcYMkwGk?rel=0" width="425"></iframe>
Hey, even easier for kids that the glueing of old inner tubes is to use sticky-back craft foam. Wouldn't last as long, but long enough for a kid's attention span. And you can use any old dowel or piece of pvc pipe. <br>
Great idea! Thnx! More on this later...
I see this on my rainy day projects list with the kid. Good way to decorate my plain white wood shop walls!
I can't wait to do this. Thanks <br>BAdartworld.com <br>
Great instructable, I will have to incorporate this into a class project. I bet my 5th and 6th graders can come up with some great ideas.
Will you please post some pics, when the kids finished their work? If getting 20+ rolling pins becomes too expensive, you might want to use empty bottles, or pieces of a pvc tube (large diameter).
hahahaha super gaaf! <br>I realy like it. <br>Will you introduce us to Blinky's new friend?
Hmmmm, I'm still working on a friend for Blinky. Working in my head, that is. So Blinky's friend is still in conceptual phase. But it will beep the world hello, somewhere between christmas and newyearseve, I hope.<br><br>Supergaaf? Who ARE you, 35 year old female?<br><br>Y.
This is pretty awesome! Very clever!
Nice, I love the robot!
:-) Thank you! Yesterday, Blinky's prize was delivered: a very nice LED-driver. So I'll have to make him a friend now, I guess....

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