I like to bundle it all together with some bath goodies, candles, chocolates etc. If it is going to have to be moved around a lot or shipped as a gift, then I suggest shrink wrapping it. This keeps it all together and looking good until the recipient chooses to open it. Once you start creating with towels there are endless possibilities for the things you can create. I hope you & your loved ones have fun with this project!
that is just the BEST, thanks for your cheerful instructions :)
Thanks! Creating with towels is such a fun way to dress-up a practical gift. Definitely give it a try!
These are fun!
LOVE the old couple...such a great idea, thanks.
Forgive me for being Captain Obvious, but these would make WICKED AWESOME wedding/shower/housewarming gifts! I love it!
Haha, I love it. The lips really put it over the top. :)
Gosh, that's so cute!

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