Step 12: Place it in you table and enjoy!

Picture of Place it in you table and enjoy!
I screwed the lift under a plywood faceplate in my table. It works great and i don´t have to remove the router and plate to make hignt adjustments in the router bit height anymore!

Thank you very much for reading!
ToolNut4 years ago
This is a great build - I need to work on a router lift and this may be the key. I would love to see pics of the router installed - how exactly does the router secure to the lift? Just pressure from a tight fit? Thanks!
urant (author)  ToolNut4 years ago
Hi ToolNut!

Yes, just pressure from the tight fit. To keep it from spinning, I routed a notch in the hole that corresponds to a slot on the router body.

A friend borrowed my camera, but as soon as he returns it, I'll take the pictures you want
padbravo urant1 year ago

Did your friend ever returned that camera?

earlyflyer4 years ago
I agree with glorybe. Well done and thanks for taking the time to share!
glorybe4 years ago
I think that you have potential as a professional designer and builder of similar fixtures. You have a very well designed fixture here. Obviously it was built for a home shop or small shop and the highest quality materials and supplies were cost constrained. And that is just fine as the build matches the needs of the potential user. But you have though it out nicely and should pursue this kind of project frequently as you honestly do have a contribution to make.