If you want to make an inexpensive Scorpion Costume ( Or any of the other colored ninjas such as Sub Zero, Reptile, or whoever ) ,this is the perfect way.

The design I went for myself was a combo of MK and MKII scorpion.  The yellow cloth resembles the MK style and the leg guards and mask are from the MKII style.  If you are good at sewing, and want a complete MKII style, you can search for yellow diamond patterned fabric.  You need to be able to sew in order to cut and stitch diamond pattern fabric.  I am not a skilled sewer so I do not use that style.

Forgive me for the lack of step by step pictures.  I only decided to make this instructable after I had completed most of the costume.  If you have any questions, please comment and I will try to answer them.  Most people should be able to figure out what I did.

Please let me know if I should clarify any information.  I will gladly do so.  This is my first instructable so please, understand that I am not used to explaining everything clearly in a written format.

Most of the material can be found online and rather inexpensively:

1. Yellow Fabric
It can be hard to find yellow fabric online, I settled for yellow cotton tablecloth which I found on eBay. I would usually use bed sheets for something like this, but I could not find an inexpensive yellow bed sheet online or in stores.

2.  Black cotton pants/sleeveless shirts
Very easy to find online and in stores. Check out Kohl's for inexpensive Champion brand clothes

3.  Black Balaclava
Amazon or Ebay. If you use Amazon, look for Super Saver Discounts for free shipping on orders over $25, so buy what you need on Amazon and get them shipped for free.

4.  Baseball catchers leg guards
I was lucky and was able to find cheap used catchers leg guards on eBay. Just keep searching, I almost bought a pair for $30 but kept looking for a week and found some for half price.

5.  Water-Skiing Shoes
I found perfect soft shoes at Sports Authority.

Craft Materials:
Found online or any craft store

6.  Fabric Glue

7.  Spray Paint

8.  Sticky Velcro

9.  Painters Tape

10.  Electrical Tape

Paintball Mask:
I had an old paintball mask that I used to play paintball then eventually was used for my Shredder costume from ninja turtles

Wooden Kunai Dagger:
Just search eBay.

Other materials:
Possibly Hacksaw

Everything together cost me less than $80

But many of you will already have some of these materials just like I did

Create this costume at your own risk.  I take no responsibility if you injure yourself when creating or wearing any part of the costume.

Step 1: Using the Spray Paint

1.  Use painter's tape to tape the cloth areas and the metal hooks on the leg guards.
2.  In a well ventilated area, use yellow spray paint to paint the plastic parts.
3.  Wait for the paint to dry completely before you remove the tape.
4.  If the paint bleeds or you did not tape properly, use a black sharpie or black paint to cover any mistakes made with the yellow paint.

If you are using a paintball mask for the costume, paint it as well.

The mask I used in the picture was altered using a hacksaw to trim the mask down, since most paintball masks are rather big.  I then sanded the edges down with ordinary sandpaper to smooth the mask.

Use the saw and paint at your own risk.
<em>Get over here!</em><br />
Ha! :)
Great project and turned out perfect. Good thing your muscular because a scrawny white boy probably would take away from the illusion.
can you make a sub-zero and reptile costume?
<p>you can just swap out materials to fit the color you need. simple :P</p>
what are the size of the leg guards that you bought?
They were adult XL...but I am 6'6&quot; so they run a little small on me<br>
ok you must be pretty tall because you head reaches height of door.
Yeah, I'm 6'6&quot;<br>

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