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Introduction: Make a Search and Rescue Robot

This is an earthquake rescue robot, a robot hero that can save people's lives in disaster scenes. With the help of the ultrasonic sensor, it can avoid the obstacles in front of it autonomously. Meanwhile, it also got a LED module which can be used to light up the path to look for survivors. By using a passive infrared sensor, it is able to detect people even if the visibility is impaired. As well as these sensors, it is also equipped with a gripper which can dig through rubble or help the survivors to safety.

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Step 1: Part List

all meterial from Makeblock

· ·1 x Mini Gripper

· ·1 x Me RGB LED

· ·1 x Me PIR Motion Sensor

· ·1 x Me RJ25 Adaptor

· ·18 x Screw M4x8mm

· ·18 x Nut 4mm

· ·1 x Bracket 3x3

· ·1 x Plate 0324-056 Blue

· ·2 x Cuttable Linkage

· ·3 x RJ25 Cable

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Step 2: Constructing Steps1:​Prepare All the Parts You Need.

Step 3: Construct the Mechanical Structure.

Step 4: ##STEP#Fix the Electronic Modules on the Linkage.

Step 5: Install the Mechanical Structure on MBot and Connect Them to the Mainboard Using RJ25 Cable.

Step 6: Fix the Gripper on the Bracket.

Step 7: Program It to Have the Obstacle-avoidance, Remote-control and Human-detection Features.

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Do you have links as to where to purchase parts in the US?