Have you ever wanted a seatbelt belt free of Blood and other stains? 

I in fact did, and upon seeing a few Ibles about these particular belts, but they all required snatching a used belt from some poor, dead, defenseless car. This belt, although not free, is clean, and that was a major factor for me. In this Instructable, you'll take a two part seatbelt from a supplier, and make it into a wearable, stylish belt. 

Step 1: Supplies

This project takes in the range of 2-3 hours. And depending on where you get your belt, a little over $20 
With this being a high quality belt, it will take some work. The tools required are as follows:
-A Seat Belt
-Sturdy work surface Not a Table ( Recommended, hammering is used)
-A kit for installing Snaps 
-Razor Blade (Scissors if not accessible)
-Tape measure (Optional)
-Ice Pick (Or another very  slender sharp object)
-Blow Torch (Lighter)
-Sharpie (Optional)
-http://www.seatbeltplanet.com/seatbelts-and-accessories/lap-belts/  *

*Seriously. Get one from this website. this is where I got my two. They're cheap. Especially considering that some belts at walmart ar $20 and they look rather plain. 
Looks good. I have a buckle from my old truck and I'm going to use it to make a belt. I think I will use non-adjustable buckles and just use multiple snaps to size it
very nice one question about the sewing. how difficuly was it do sew into
You could do it yourself with a thick needle or you could bring it to an upholsterer to do ( That's what I did )
built one last month after seing this. used an airplane seatbelt. worked really well.

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