Picture of Make a Seatbelt Belt
Have you ever wanted a seatbelt belt free of Blood and other stains? 

I in fact did, and upon seeing a few Ibles about these particular belts, but they all required snatching a used belt from some poor, dead, defenseless car. This belt, although not free, is clean, and that was a major factor for me. In this Instructable, you'll take a two part seatbelt from a supplier, and make it into a wearable, stylish belt. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
This project takes in the range of 2-3 hours. And depending on where you get your belt, a little over $20 
With this being a high quality belt, it will take some work. The tools required are as follows:
-A Seat Belt
-Sturdy work surface Not a Table ( Recommended, hammering is used)
-A kit for installing Snaps 
-Razor Blade (Scissors if not accessible)
-Tape measure (Optional)
-Ice Pick (Or another very  slender sharp object)
-Blow Torch (Lighter)
-Sharpie (Optional)
-  *

*Seriously. Get one from this website. this is where I got my two. They're cheap. Especially considering that some belts at walmart ar $20 and they look rather plain. 

Step 2: Cut Off The Ends

Picture of Cut Off The Ends
The ends that attach into the car, are not useful when it comes to making a belt. 

So, On a cutting block, Use your ruler and razor to cut a straight line just under the tag, successfully separating the end.
Then, after they're severed, you have to fuse (melt) the ends so the webbing doesn't fray. In a nutshell, You run the messy end over a flame (not too long, actually, just a second) until the end melts. 
Repeat this step for all both ends. 

In case you haven't checked the pictures as to which two ends I'm talking about, I'm referring to the two ends that would get attached to the car, NOT  the two ends that will be the belt buckle.
DIY Dave1 year ago
Looks good. I have a buckle from my old truck and I'm going to use it to make a belt. I think I will use non-adjustable buckles and just use multiple snaps to size it
TechDante3 years ago
very nice one question about the sewing. how difficuly was it do sew into
JapaneseBuffalo (author)  TechDante3 years ago
You could do it yourself with a thick needle or you could bring it to an upholsterer to do ( That's what I did )
built one last month after seing this. used an airplane seatbelt. worked really well.