I'm a kind of traditional person who firmly believes in tying your bow ties. I tried making my first bow tie ever, and I'm proud to say that it turned out all right :)
Bow ties aren't hard to make at all, although sewing them by hand can take a while o.O But imagine the awe of your peers when they realise that your slightly-dodgy-bow is not only self-tied, but hand made!

Step 1: Required Stuff

For a bow tie, you need:
  • Basics ---> Needle + thread + sewing machine + measuring tape + scissors + pins etc
  • 50cm x 50cm of woven fabric (at least)
  • Thin interfacing
  • Bow tie pattern
  Traditionally, bow ties are made out of silk, but I didn't really have any silk on hand. I used a thin cotton poplin because it's easy to work with. I also didn't use interfacing, because I don't have any, but it's much better if it is used, because it makes the bow look stiffer and prettier when it's tied. 

<p>How do i adjust the neck length</p>
<p>Awesome! I've been looking for a decent tutorial on making a self-tie for a while. So glad to have found this, thanks.</p>
Great to see you take on such a project. I've been wanting to make my own bow ties for years. I've a very large neck size and have looked for how long to make the bow tie. Do you measure the neck size then add the bow length, how do calculate the neck, the bow tie, and knot? Again thanks for going for it.
Oh dear, I'm probably just as unknowledgeable on this as you are! <br>What I can suggest is to measure your neck size whilst wearing a collared shirt, then compare it to the pattern, which is meant to be for a 43cm neck, (17inches), give or take a bit. If your neck is significantly bigger, then just cut out your pattern a little longer, as the actual bowtie shouldn't have to increase in size. <br> <br>
You did a great job. :D Looks awesome.

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