I like this project because the process is fun, the product really is useful, and it's a simple way to get to know tool steel.

(It even includes some blade making techniques!)

I used a piece of old bandsaw blade, 1in wide, which was too chewed up to be repaired. It's good steel - springy but holds an edge (see: SAW.) And this material is FREE if you know where to look.

I like to sew, so the seam ripper is a must for cutting out stitching mistakes. Nice to make my own.

I made this at TechShop Detroit. I'm a big enthusiast. Here, check it out: www.techshop.ws

Step 1: Tools and Materials

First photo:

- Scrap bandsaw blade
- Markers/carbide scribe for marking the outline of your seam ripper (Don't hesitate to free-hand! That's what I do.)
- Square/straight edge in case your free-hand ain't so free
- Gloves for handling the blade

Second Photo

- Angle grinder with abrasive cutoff wheel
- Disc sander

THESE HAVE BEEN PUT TOGETHER ONLY FOR THE PHOTO. The table of one tool is NOT a work station for another tool. But you already knew that.
Now THAT'S a seam ripper. Amazing job!
Thanks! Try making one and see what you think.

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