video Make a Sexy Witch Costume for Halloween
Learn how to make a sexy witch costume for Halloween
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mglw8110 months ago

It turned out perfect! Thanks!

LarpBandit3 years ago
Best DIY video ever!
acerene3 years ago
Super cute!
rmoon24 years ago

Great article on really becoming a witch :)
isalazar4 years ago
jejeje, pero ke chica tan linda y tierna, te felicito, Gianny
Miltron_B6 years ago
Damn it. I'm not sexy enough for this costume.
very sexy, very hot, very crip...
Neither are most of the people whining about how revealing it is, thats why the complain ;)
noelle_tan6 years ago
I'd prefer if it wasn't sooooo revealing. It's kinda inappropriate. I like that you kept the sleeves long
the whole point of a sexy witch costume is 2 be sorta revealing....if you dont like it, you can buy just a normal witch costume, which arent as revealing, or just cut the bottom lower....
but then again, that is a little too revealing....
well it said "sexy" so it has to reveal something...
legs, not crack.
uhhmmm yeah its supposed to be a SEXY witch costume, not a prude witch costume...
it's still sexy if it were longer. how is 2 inches down your thigh prudish? it doesn't even skim prude (aka ankles).
it called sexy if you dont like it than dont comment
Then again anyone is free to make the costume in the manner that it will fit the venue to which it will be worn at. This is tame compared to the lady gaga police tape costume feature for Halloween 2010.
Then it wouldn't be a 'sexy' witch costume.  Thank God that she has the figure to show it off and make the costume look great!  Yet another good video presentation.
You could always buy another black t-shirt, cut it off under the arm-pits, put some elastic through the top and VVVVV the bottom to make a matching skirt to go under the 'top'.
have u seen kids these days lol luky to see if they have anything on.
Ottumwa4 years ago
Will my 'witch' look like the poster when she puts on the costume. If not I will be very disappointed.
DIYBatgirl4 years ago
I feel like anyone could have done this. In fact I have done this. In fact my mom did this to make costumes for me when I was six. Just sayin. I like the part where you made the hat though, could you possibly list what kind of foam that was?
purplewg4 years ago
You can be my wicked witch anytime you want. Oh, the costume is nice also.
Karentoo4 years ago
sorry, it had to be said, and as the only one willing to put something even mildly inapropriate, It just had to be said.

though, it IS a good costume for say, a college halloween party, or suchlike.
RunZilla5 years ago
shtihl5 years ago
best part of the Instructable is watching a beautiful woman making a craft in her fishnets and undies in her yard
BOOJAN5 years ago
about this you will need two good things: 1. The costume 2. The "Witch" ...am i right???
So what if its revealing. She's beautilful and can do anything with it!
damasta6 years ago
you must hate t-shirts in every video you made (as far as i've seen) you've destroyed a t-shirt
sr1sws damasta6 years ago
She can come by and cut up ALL of my t-shirts ;-)
lol, nice, id love to have my t-shirts cut up by her, they serve a god purpose
ech, you can see your... um... rear end. :)
i'd make the skirt a teensey bit longer.
Other than that, pretty awesome! nice way to recycle a t-shirt.
Excellent Instructable, Very professional, I really like the non verbal communication. Kudos
strangebike6 years ago
cold shower time ! looks good and very effective. Do you always do your craft stuff in the garden semi naked? its a bit cold over here but i'm glad that you can
Nextraker6 years ago
You make witches look good, very pretty
I'll vote for you. :D
right on!!
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