Make a Sharpening System with A Sharpening Stone and Sharpen Knives

Picture of Make a Sharpening System with A Sharpening Stone and Sharpen Knives
When a stone is used to sharpen a knife, the sharpening process will be effective when the knife is stroked against the stone at a consistent bevel angle..
If the blade is stroked against the stone at  different angle, the sharpening  process will fail.

But it is difficult to learn to make the strokes consisten and correct t without some guide. 

This instructable shows how to easily  make that sharpening  stroke consistent  and the sharpening process successful.

The device made in this demo will  help the sharpener keep the angle consistent.

Step 1: Materials

Two scrap pieces of wood, each about  6 "  X 6"  X 1"
The two pieces must  have the same width and thickness , but may be different lengths.
Plywood is good because it resists splitting 
1 Double Sided honing/shrapening/whet stone at least 6" long by 2 " wide ( cost about $12)
3   2 " screws

Square with Measure
Google or calculator
Drill Driver for making pilot holes and drilling screws
Small saw for cutting grove in wood

CatalinRO2 years ago
Amazing! I like its simplicity :) Honestly I didn't dare to sharpen my knives because I was afraid not to make them even blunt than they are now. But it is a saying that a blunt knife is dangerous than a sharp one, so better build this. Thanks for the idea!
You're welcome to run one of your fingers along one of my knives and test that saying.
Why, are they so blunt and dangerous? :)
It might magically become separated.
Ok, then show us this trick via a well done Instructable :) I promise you I'll vote it and I'll promote it :P
DrWhovian2 years ago
Great idea and project! I wish i would have seen this before dropping money on a sharpener that is pretty much based on the same design.
polycam2 years ago
Very nice! Looks like my Spyderco TriAngle gets a bit of competition ;)
Wilmette (author)  polycam2 years ago
Glad you like it. I made this up when my kid entered Boy Scouts and I knew he would have to learn to sharpen a knife on a stone. That is a skill I myself never mastered; my strokes were never consistent enough. I was inspired by some items I saw in a knife shop. In short , you could prop a stone against anything upright and it would work if the stone were propped at the right distance. I suppose you could mark the stone to indicate that distance. Glad you enjoyed it