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This instructable is kind of like a puzzle, so I hope you enjoy it. This shield that is made up from different coins looks quite cool - I was thinking of gluing it to some stiff card and displaying it inside a picture frame. Though I haven't got quite round to it yet...you might like to do it, so I'll be looking for the I Made It pictures in the comments!

I hope you enjoy it...

Step 1: Items That You Need

Coins: one each of each coin - refer to pictures for help - ensure that one side of each coin is the same as the coins in the pictures - most newer coins will be the same - you might want to use shiny coins if you're planning to put it on display!







    £1 optional but recommended


    Picture Frame

    Hot Glue or a strong glue

    Thick/Stiff card

      <p>That's cool. </p>
      <p>Thanks, comments much appreciated...id like to see a pic though, if youve made it</p>
      <p>Okay I will try to do one. I see this has been featured, congratulations!</p>
      <p>thx for the complimets</p>
      that's really neat. I wish the united states was that creative with currency.
      <p>LOL, thanks for the reply</p>

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