Pumpkin is an tipical symbol of Halloween. Have you ever wanted to make a walking pumpkin.

Here I will show you my work of using a Self-balancing Robot to move a shining pumpkin around.

Step 1: Preparing

Bill of main materials:

1 x Color LED strip

1 x Battery set

1 x Self-balancing Robot

1 x Acrylic board

1 x RC controller

1 x Pumpkin Case

4 x Nylon cable ties

1 x Screwdriver

N x Screws

The color LED strip can be long or short. It is driven by the 18650 battery set (Outputs about 12V in full charge).

The color and the flashing style of the LED can be remotely controlled.

Step 2: Add One Acrylic Board on Balanbot

To make the top be flat and easy to fix the pumpkin, I added one more acrylic board on top of the Balanbot.

I connected one EB-Bluetooth module to the Balance Shield, so that I can ajust the PID parameters wirelessly later.

Step 3: Mount the Pumpkin

Use screw to drilled four holes at the bottom of the pumpkin. Mount the pumkin onto the Balanbot by four nylon cable ties.

Connect the battery and the led strip. Put them into the pumpkin.

Step 4: Ajust the PID Parameter and Run

As the weight and the balance point of the bot changed when the pumpkin was added on, I needed to ajust the PID parameter for the Balanbot.

After the testing, I got a new set of PID parameter most suitable for the Pumpkinbot.

It's running and collecting candies around!

<p>awesome and super creative! </p>

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