Make a Shuriken Out of a Gear


Introduction: Make a Shuriken Out of a Gear

In this simple-even-i-could-make-this instructable, i will show you how to turn the gear of your old bike into a fierce weapon!

- WarninG -

Dont do this without an adult, and dont throw your ninja star with anything or anyone around.
Dont do this if you are under 18! ( i`m fourteen but who cares )
Dont do this if you are mentaly chalenged please, or if you are just a dumbass.

lets get this little thing rollin then! ( look out, first instructable alert )

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

Search trough your garage for some old bike-gears, you better dont use the ones made for racing because they are too lightweigt.

Get ones that fit your hand, i used small ones but you should use slightly bigger ones.

Now get something strong to jam it into while you use the electronic vijl on it ( i dont know what its called in English, so just look at picture 2

Step 2: Drilling and End Result

Dont use the "drill" on a high level, just sharpen both sides of every tooth, and make them slightly "hookish"
you should expirement and make the dents between the tooth deeper then mine.

I hope you like the end result, its nice to do with kids i guess, if you have cool, tough kids who dont cry about everything



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    not shuriken! its a chakram! indian throwing disk!!

    he probably got it off a bike that out lived its service or at least a part's bin his father doesn't go through. he'd kill him for turning a Campy granny gear into a Campy "shuriken" lol. that could also be why he said in the beginning don't use ones made for racing. he probably made it, realized it was a little too lightweight for an effective weapon. i'd use shimano mountain gears myself, i got plenty and they weigh a little more

    oi ju read here fixed, however, roof also Dutch are: P I also make weapons in my free time but never ged8 to un werpster or sow of un cog wheel (khep them had, however, made of stanley messen: P) I am VAT 16 and make hanging-post trusses hand arcs werpmessen werpsterren etc. I also collect weapons such as katana's, daggers, arcs and heleboel penknives<br/><br/>Used online translator xD<br/>So yeah us enlish can kinda understand what it is about now =]<br/>

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    Ha, there are a lot of websites. And i'm taking german in school, so i can under stand about 1/4 of what u said

    a better idea would be to use a less expensive gear like from a basic ten speed and cut it so that the inside is what you use not the outside what you have there is a rael and no thats not a typo thats how its spelled the chakram is a disk much like this one but without teeth it has a smooth or wavy edge a rael on the other hand does have teeth and was generally not as sharp... but its a good idea and for all you morons that are going on about a weapon being worthless unless you use it on someone..... YOUR MORONS!! the point is for practice if you must. get a target and practice its fun and helps enhance accuracy i have been throwing knives since i was 7 and am now 23 and i can tell you anyone who feels that there is no point in owning/making something along these lines unless you cause someone else harm really should not be making them in the first place in fact the majority of you belong in a padded cell where you cant hurt the intelligent folk

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    Well, it will certainly raise awareness for the classic movie, Enter the Dragon, from whence my previous comment came from.... ...but only if they too can fight back. Attacking innocent strangers is like tossing darts at a cube of jello... there's no satisfying impact, only quivering.

    I don't know Dutch, but I assume vijl = file. But the tool you've got there, we call it a Dremel (the brand name).

    decent instructable. old idea (remember doing in myself when i was 12 lol) and no offence but yours isnt the best example of these i have ever seen. i imagine it would do the job it's designed for but i normally try and make my gear a bit easier on the eyes

    Just for your information. Real shurikens are close combat weapons which are aerodynamic. I'd like to see you fighting with a shuriken like that in your hand. :P (Looks cool though)

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    they were actually used for distracting the opponent/s. like a secondary weapon for a katana and so on. but yeh would be too easy for them to see where it came from if its a gear haha! and its called a dremel. nice instructable :)

    lets just be nice to dutch people ok alle nederlanders hier : hoi wat un k*t ding is dit seg d8 eerst dat die wel leuk was maar ik maakte er 1 en hij is gewoon kortweg k*t !!!!!MAAK DIT NIET!!!!! HIJ IS NA 2 KEER GOOIEN BOT (this text was only ment for dutch people) !!!!!!DUTCH FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

    DUDE WHY DID YOU USE A campangyolo gear there real expensive

    no offence but it does say dremel on it... MALTA RULES