Picture of Make a Silly Penguin!
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Everyone needs a silly penguin! Here's how to make one! (or two or more!)
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Step 1: Empty Water bottle is needed

Picture of Empty Water bottle is needed
Take an empty water bottle, leave the cap on and remove any labels.

You can use other bottles too!

Step 2: Paint!

Picture of Paint!
Paint the bottle completely with white acrylic paint and let it dry!

Step 3: Penguinize it!

Picture of Penguinize it!
With black acrylic paint, you need to paint over the white as shown in the picture to penguinize.

Step 4: The finishing touches!

Picture of The finishing touches!
silly penguin 005.jpg
Your penguin needs a pair of googly eyes, and a beak and feet which can be cut out of orange foam from the craft store.

Step 5: Eyes and beak are attached

Picture of Eyes and beak are attached
Glue the eyes, and beak onto your silly penguin as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Put a sock on it!

Picture of Put a sock on it!
silly penguin 008.jpg
Take an old clean sock in a bright colour and cut it in half. Throw away the toe part and use only the ribbed cuff end. Tie a knot in the half sock. You now have a silly hat for your silly penguin.

Step 7: Finished penguin

Picture of Finished penguin
Glue the foam feet onto your bird and place the hat over the cap and the silliness is complete!

Step 8: For extra silliness

Picture of For extra silliness
silly penguin.jpg
Send your penguin out on a "hot" date, wearing his own green foam bow tie (or not!)