Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram
The circuit which we are going to make is.

Thanks to cld000 for schematic drawing.
mitsof2 years ago
How are we supposed to turn that schematic to PCB?I am a beginer and cannot make much out of this schematic.I haven't the slightest idea how to turn schematics to pcb.Maybe you could enlighten us.
nodoubtman3 years ago
5 k ohm Potentiometer not resistor
thanks! :)
sadilrox3 years ago
IS this suitable for 100watt speakers
junaid6464 years ago
frens san ny one tell abt dat 0.01mf and 0.047 wch z the positv terminal in dat..... and frens......wat abt LM386 ic pin numbr 7.... y it z left blank.... no connction itslf or wat??
those caps don't have a polarity
ajervis4 years ago
um can i remove the 0.047? i got everything but that and i cant find it. Also how loud will this amp make 4 speakers play? with and without the 0.047
you can remove it but the sound quality will be pretty bad
jhutton4 years ago
im lookin at running this with an adaptor, what amount of amps will i need?
asatheesh4 years ago
i'm having two 3 ohm speskers how can make amplifier for that speakers
yonex4 years ago
can the 9v be a 5v???
zabi_rauf (author)  yonex4 years ago
Nope. It has to be a 9v, you can easily get the 9V battery.
talha914 years ago
Oh yes in the end I found a picture through which I can continue making my Circuit the graphical diagrams sucks....
OXI2vasyl4 years ago
hi i confused on variable resistor part :S
one more question... well i got a HWCAT CSC386P... will it work???
carik6 years ago
ok i am really confused... have you just made up your own symbols, have you ever seen a circuit diagram before? dont get me wrong this is a great guide but it would be a lot more helpful if all the symbols were actually real symbals
Gasburner carik6 years ago
They aren't circuit symbols, they are what the components look like, arranged in such a way so that we can see how they are connected. It is meant to look like how it would on a Printed Circuit Board :)
This is a step where the yellow box things you can do would really come in handy. (hint..hint..)