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Hi!This is my first instructable and i am going to show you how to make a simple paper glider that flies well.Sorry for the images (I did them in paint because I could not find a camera).

Thanks to Aaron Hunt (aka. guessware) for letting me use his method. Here's his site where he shows it in the making:

Step 1: Tools Required

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The tools required for the instructable-
1.Paper (printer paper would work best)
4.Brain!?(Just joking)

Step 2: Folding Instructions

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See the picture

Step 3: 1st Step

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Fold the paper into half.

Step 4: 2nd Step

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Unfold the fold.

Step 5: 3rd Step

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Fold as shown.

Step 6: 4th Step

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Fold the half of paper leaving only a few Centimeters from the edge to the pointed edge(or do as shown)

Step 7: 5th Step

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Cut it all out.(as in the picture)

Step 8: 6th Step

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Again cut it out.

Step 9: 7th Step

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(You May skip the step).But get the idea.

Step 10: 8th Step

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Fold halfway through the crease.

Step 11: 9th Step

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Fold the folded part in half.

Step 12: 10th Step

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Fold the creased half with the folded part.

Step 13: 11th Step

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Fold as shown.

Step 14: 12th Step

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So..What are you going to do with that little triangle dangling at the bottom?Snip it off?No!It is lighter than glue,duct tape, we are going to seal the plane with it.

Step 15: 13th Step

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Fold the glider horizontally with the small triangle facing down.

Step 16: 14th Step

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Fold the wings to form a V.

Step 17: 15th Step

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Aah!!!!The last step. Do as shown.

Step 18: Holding Instructions

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Do as shown.


guessware (author)2010-09-08

Hi. My name is Aaron Hunt and the first few steps of this instructable are identical to my copyrighted glider "World Class Paper Glider copyright 1976 Aaron Hunt".

I am glad that you are using it. I just want to get mentioned as the original creator of the method.

azuro (author)2010-01-21

I have a camera (I found it today) but I found out that it had no batteries (the batteries which were there were drained and were not rechargable).ANd, thanks for the complement.

Kiteman (author)2010-01-20

This looks awfully like the paperang...?

azuro (author)Kiteman2010-01-21

It looks like the paperang but is a completely different model.I've seen the paperangbefore and made it too.Most gliders I know  look more or less same.

lemonie (author)2010-01-20

That's some rather good work with Paint.
Is the camera lost, or does no one in the house have one?


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