In this Instructable you will learn how to build a simple Snap Circuits programmable robot. First you will learn how to build a simple circuit using Snap Circuits to understand how easy it is to build an electronic circuit. Next you will build the Roverbot (what I call the Snap Circuits programmable robot). You will then learn how to program the Roverbot. Finally you will learn how to download the program to the Roverbot's brain and watch the Roverbot follow the commands of the program you wrote.

Step 1: Build a Simple Circuit As an Introduction to Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits by Elenco is an educational toy that teaches electronics with solderless snap-together electronic components. Each electronic component has the electronic schematic symbol and a label printed onto its plastic case that is color coded for easy identification. They snap together with what appear to be ordinary clothing snaps—hence the name Snap Circuits. The components also snap onto a 10 X 7 plastic base grid, which is analogous to a solderless breadboard.

There are several Snap Circuits kits that range from a few simple circuits to the largest kit that includes 750 electronic projects. All the kits include manuals printed in color with easy to follow diagrams to assemble the projects. The illustrations for each project look almost exactly like what the components will look on the base grid when finished. Because the electronic symbol is printed on each electronic component, once the project is completed, it will look almost exactly like a printed electronic schematic.

The first image is what a project in the manual page looks like. As you can see the projects in the manuals are self explanatory..  (Source: Snap Circuits Project #1 http://manuals.elenco.com/manuals/sc-100%201-101.pdf)

The photos are what the circuit, will look like: three electronic components, the battery holder, the slide switch, and a lamp are connected together with snap conductors on the plastic base grid. This simple circuit will switch a light bulb on and off.

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