Step 5: Happy Hacking

Congratulations! In this Instructable you learned how to build a simple Snap Circuits programmable robot. You learned how to build a simple circuit using Snap Circuits to understand how easy it is to build an electronic circuit. You built the Roverbot. You learned how to program the Roverbot. Finally, you learned how to download the program to the Roverbot's brain and watched the Roverbot perform the commands of the program you wrote. Happy hacking!

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I have recently become interested in hacking toys as is evidenced by the numerous Instructables I have posted about hacking the Spy Video Trakr:


I have documented these hacks hoping to inspire other Trakr owners to come up with their own new hacks for their Trakrs (and hope they post an Instuctable about their hack so I can try it too).

I posted my Roverbot hoping to inspire Snap Rover owners to create robots of their own. I also hope they post their designs so I can try them too.

I am very interested in hacking the Parrot AR Drone. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase the AR Drone, nor an iPad, nor an iPhone--not even an iPod to use as a remote control for the Drone. Obviously I hope to win the the grand prize for the Toy Challenge 2 Contest so I can have an opprotunity to try hacking the AR Drone.

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