Picture of Make a Simple Wood Box at Techshop
I'm going to show you how to build this simple wood box on a laser cutter. I designed this box for a specific purpose but it would work great as a jewelry box, a pencil box (without the divider) or to hold any other small knick-knacks. If you build more than one they will lock together as they stack and the lid will stay open on its own as you peruse its contents. I made mine using Techshop's Epilog 60 Watt Helix.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this project you will need:

1. The box pattern
2. 1/4 plywood of your choice (I used maple)
3. Fine grit andpaper (I used 320 grit)
4. Wood glue (optional)

Step 2: Preparing Your Wood

Picture of Preparing Your Wood
Once you have chosen your wood, using a panel or table saw, cut the wood to 24"x18" segments for each box you want to make and 15"x5" for each divider you want.

The next step is to determine thickness of your wood. Although the lumber yard may say it is 1/4 inch thick, most of the time it is not. I have made a separate Instructable on how to account for this discrepancy, including how to adjust your pattern for the kerf of your laser. If you plan to use glue to hold your box together you may simply measure the thickness with a calipers.

Another optional step in preparing your wood for the laser cutter is to shield it. When the wood is laser cut, fumes from burning glue, flame, water vapor and smoke may discolor the surface near edges. In my demonstration I didn't worry about this and was able afterwards to sand away any discoloration. However in other projects (with no etching) I have covered the wood with masking tape before cutting and removed it from each piece after cutting. This has worked with great success and there is little to no sanding required.
noel0leon2 months ago

Nicely done. Just wondering, how does the hinge for the lid work?

MichaelN76 months ago

Lovely box. Will attempt to make this over the next week or two. Will let you know how i get on.

By the way, to you take payment for services rendered. As in i have a few ideas around boxes but i'd need someone to create the computer files for them. Cheers, Michael Newham.

hzahedi1 year ago

Thank you very much for nice project and perfect guiding.

Great job thanks for sharing.