Make a Smoke Bomb Out of Ping Pong Balls





Introduction: Make a Smoke Bomb Out of Ping Pong Balls

Have any ping pong balls lying around? I have an idea... how about making a few easy and effective smoke bombs out of them? Everyday household materials is all you will need. Very useful for paint ball or air soft matches, or just to have fun.


1.) Ping Pong Balls (4 or 5 is enough for one well done smoke bomb)
2.) Scissors
3.) A Straw
4.) Aluminum Foil
5.) A Lighter or Matches

- A Drill

Preparing Time: About 3-5 Minutes

Take a Look At the Video First, and then follow the steps!!

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Step 1: Making a Hole

So first, go ahead and Grab a ping pong ball. Grab the scissors and anywhere you'd like poke and make a whole about the width of an average pen. If you have a drill, just go ahead and drill a hole as well.

IMPORTANT, Make sure you only make 1 hole!!!

Step 2: Cutting the Other Balls Into Pieces

After you've made a hole in the ball, set it aside. Now grab the rest of the balls and poke them with the scissors, but this time cutting the whole balls into pieces. It doesn't matter what size, but not too big.

Step 3: Combining the Balls

After you finish cutting the ping pong balls, go back and grab the first ball which you made a hole into. Grab the pieces of the other balls and slowly (Don't cut yourself) insert them through the hole. After you're done with that, grab a straw and cut about a 3-inch piece. Grab that piece, and insert it through the whole and push it down.

Step 4: Aluminum Foil

Now pull out the Aluminum foil, and cut a small piece (enough to wrap half a sandwich). Cover the ball with the foil, don't cover the straw, just where it meets with the ball. Make sure to cut off excess aluminum foil.

Step 5: Final Step

Now Grab your creation because its ready to light. BUT!!! Make sure you light up the bottom of the smoke bomb because if you're just going to place it on the floor, it'll direct the smoke out through the straw. Now if you throw it, it'll direct the smoke through both holes (The one you cut, and the one you burned through) The point I'm trying to make is, that if you want to direct the smoke in a certain direction, place it rather than throw it, therefore burn the bottom.

Enjoy!! Watch our Video for a better idea, we'd appreciate it!!! Chemical Pranks Productions
More Coming Soon...

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    Sorry bit of a dumb question but how do you light it. do you have to hold it over a flame or light the little bits inside or do it another way.

    the more balls you put in the more smoke you get I guess

    I always love doing these at home. They are great but isn't the smoke quite toxic.

    if you want to throw just leave the straw out and ceal off the whole by sticking in a large peice of pingpong ball into the whol so that the outer shell covers that whol wrap it in tinfoil burn and throw

    That is awe some! thanks for a working smoke bomb! So gonna try this at home.

    what would happen if u didn't cover the pingpong ball with foil??

    AWESOME creation

    Awesome if not for the dumb fire ban In Colorado i'd do it!

    Do you know how to make a gun for this bomb?
    Take a 2'' by 2' PVC pipe, attach a 2'' PVC end cap, drill a hole in the end cap, and hot glue a BBQ lighter in the hole (barrel first) . Then simply drop the bomb down the barrel the right way, and press the trigger of the lighter. :0