This project is a simple one that everyone is likely to have the materials for at home. Sticky notes are the perfect size to roll tubes that are just the right thickness to burn well, and the adhesive that is on one side can be used to hold the tube together. I found that the tubes work best when they have a core that is about 5mm in diameter, which is a bit smaller than a pencil. If a pencil or pen is all that can be found to roll the tubes they may still work, though not as well.

Careful not to try this around flammable things as there is obviously fire involved.
try suspending it from the ceiling <br>
invite your enemies over and offer them a drink and give them this
<p>OMG That is AMAZING</p><p>drink smoke today</p>
It is so cool
I tried this it was awesome
Thats amazing!
I shall try this

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