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 If you make soap you may want to personalize it with a stamped impression. This instructable will show you how to make a resin stamp! It works on freshly cut home made bars, but will not work on store bought soap or bars that have been aged. I got my inspiration from Kaseen Cook of Tortuga Soaps in Australia. Here is a link to her page which has a lot of good info about making and using soap stamps. 


This is my first instuctable and I appreciate your constructive criticism! :-)


Step 1: Supplies and getting started

Picture of Supplies and getting started
 OK so to make a stamp you need:

* Resin - I like Quick Cast from Tap Plastics
* Mixing cups 
* Modeling clay or carving wax - I used Roma Plastilina #3
* Carving tools and smoothing tool
* Goof Off or similar solvent based cleaner
* Duct tape
* Foil

The modeling clay that I used is called Roma Plastilina #3. It is the second hardest one that they make, which is good for making a sharp well defined mold. To get started though it will probably require heating. Just cut a hunk off and break it into pieces. Then make a small foil tray to hold the pieces. Put it into a toaster oven on the lowest setting for about 15 minutes. This will make it soft enough to form it into the shape you want. I made a disk about 3 inches across and 3/4 of an inch thick. This will be your "canvas" to create on so make it smooth and flat. After you are satisfied put it into the freezer for a few minutes to harden it up.

naesatt3 years ago
I think you did a great job for your first "Instructable"!
Puzzledd4 years ago
Nice idea- I like the personal touch :)
lemonie5 years ago
Had you thought about carving the mould from wax? I've cast resin in this way before, I'd not considered clay.

Fibbo (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 Wax would probably work great!
do you think I could make a stamp with solvent cement in place of resin?
Darcy7775 years ago
Thank you for this Instructable. I'm not artist and most likely won't be making this but I like see that I could 'dig' or cut a design. I think that would be way easier for someone like me who isn't artistic. I do make my own soap and may someday try this.
thepelton5 years ago

I found that at Woodcraft.com, and at their shops, you can buy high density plastic scrap that can be cut into stamps.  You can also get soapstone (steatite) there, which could also be used as stamps.

thepelton5 years ago
I have been making cylinder seals like the ones the Mesopotamians used three thousand years ago, but have been carving them out of round pieces of wood.  Walnut  (Juglans Cinerea)I  found works the best.  As soon as I troubleshoot my digital camera and find out how to make it work, (I suspect I may need to replace the batteries!  D'oh!) I will make a picture to show.  I could even make my own instructable on how I do them.
roadieflip5 years ago
From the title, I thought it was something to do with paint and kids.
I was pleasantly surprised. Nice instructable.
Are the soaps for anything in particular (guest house, hotel, pub), or are they just for home?
Fibbo (author)  roadieflip5 years ago
 Thanks! I am making them to sell, because I don't like the plastic containers of liquid shampoo... :-)