Step 5: Measure and Bend Again

Line up your sockets.  Bend your hook over so it's 90 degrees to the wire.  Bend the wire below the last socket so it's pointing the same direction as your hook.  Then I use the width of my pliers as a guage and bend the wire back up to the hook.
I use a similar design for holding bait on my crab nets
You know I've been taking these clips underneath the car with me for the last 34 years. Here are a couple pictures of my first one I made in 1978. Still have it in my tool box and still use it. You'll notice I've changed it a bit to make it a little more user friendly. Thanks for your comments. WS
Thanks for pulling for us. We are men. We can change if we must, I guess. (I appreciate your reference to Red Green.) <br> <br>Thank you for the idea. I have thought I need something like this. I frequently think I have accurately judged the size of a bolt or a nut, only to discover I need to crawl out from under the car and try again. This would allow me to get the right socket without climbing out from under the car again, and again.
Yep, I do that every time. And rather than just getting the whole socket tray to begin with, I go back and forth 3 times with different sockets before I finally get it right. It doesn't make much sense.
Thank you! I wish Red Green was still on the air in my area. WS
Along with commercial rail holders I've made these:<br> <br> <a href="http://i.imgur.com/tw8Tr.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/tw8Tr.jpg</a><br> <br> But they are a bit of a pain to make, so I came up with another way of making random access socket holders with just wire that work like pouch tape holders. The trouble with holders like yours is if you need a socket in the middle you have to dump all the ones before it to get to it.

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