Step 15: Enjoy not Using the Charger!

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Turn the DS on. If it works, good job! If it doesn't, I have no idea what you did wrong (or the battery is dead).

Ever since I did this to my DS, I have never had to plug it in to charge it. If you have used for a while, set it in the sun to charge some. ~~Don't let it sit in the sun all day every day, it's probably bad for the battery. The cells don't produce much current, but it's probably best not to risk the battery.~~ (see update)

Enjoy your DS "light"! :-)

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d3z0rian6 years ago
it is possible to use this?
Enlarge the image and the specification says "Overcharge Protection voltage 4.275 +- 0.045V"
appsman6 years ago
This circuit has a risk of over charging and damaging you battery. Even though the solar cells don't output too much current, if they feed the battery when it is nearly full, they will damage it. The Li+ cell in the DS gets charged to no more than 4.2V but this circuit will keep charging beyond that. One thing that might save you is that it CAN'T charge for more than 8 or 10 hours at a time. So if you use it frequently you might stay ahead of over charge. But if you leave it by a window for a few weeks and never use it, that might be bad. I predict you're battery will not last as long as normally charged one, especially if you charge with the adapter and then top off with this. One thing I'm not sure about is the fire risk from this kind of over charge. It really is a LOT safer to go in through the adapter input. Or as another poster suggested, use a linear regulator to keep the voltage from exceeding 4.2V. There are some that eat only 10uA which is nothing compared to your 30mA.
buZztiaan6 years ago
sweet stuff :D wonder how you could improve it to not overcharge ...