In this I will show you how to make a TV remote that uses solar energy to recharge its batteries. The batteries need to be rechargeable, I used nimh batteries.
before we begin I would like to say that you shouldnt modify any remote that isnt yours. what do I mean exactly? glad you asked! Odds are you want to make your cable remote solar rechargeable and while its a fun and green idea, that remote isnt yours entirely (in most cases), it belongs to the cable company so I advise you not to modify your cable remote in any way because you might end up buying it if you change cable companies or something like that. I however did use my cable remote which belongs to the cable company but i did it in a way in which no damage was inflicted on the remote. I used hot glue to attach everything so when and if the cable company wants their remote back alls I have to do is peel off the glue. If you own your remote then feel free to do what ever you want, I would also like to say do this project at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage to anything, if you do everything properly and insure everything works properly then you shouldnt have any problems. do this projectat your own risk!

ok lets begin.

Step 1: Things Needed. Some Are Optional.

So its time to gather the things needed and get a move on! 
Solar panel ( I used a 5 volt one)
standard diode
resistor (optinal. the rating of the resistor depends on what current youre trying to limit)
3.3 voltage regulator
one spdt slide switch
one spst (on/off) slide switch. (optional)
rechargeable batteries. (I used two 1.2 volt nimh double aa batteries) 

This is a pretty wonderfully silly idea!
Thanks. glad you like it! :) silly but great :p

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