Make a Soldering Iron Out of a Lighter




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Introduction: Make a Soldering Iron Out of a Lighter

Really easy project to make a soldering iron!

Step 1: ​Things You 'll Need

Not many this time , only a lighter (preferably long ) and a piece of copper wire (6 inches)

Step 2: Preparing the Copper Wire

Strip is the copper wire and cut a piece of 3 inch and 2 pieces of 1.5 inch

Bending the piece of 3 inch and twist the ends together

Step 3: Connect Wire to Lighter

Connect the wire to the light with the 2 pieces copper wire (1,5 inch).

Step 4: Ready!

Ready, i've made a video instuction with testing results!

Step 5:



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    This is pretty clever. McGyver would be proud. Using heavier wire and filing a point to size required would give more thermal mass and made the soldering process easier.

    Do you have the lighter on as you solder or just to warm it up?

    Simplicity at its best... Works for me...

    Thanks Joseph jo!


    I did something more or less similar once. I needed to do some soldering but didn't have a soldering iron. Held a nail with pliers over a candle flame. Worked as good as my soldering iron. A most pleasant surprise.

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    Easiest way ;)