Make a Speaker by Wood Laser Cutting




Introduction: Make a Speaker by Wood Laser Cutting

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Our new product ReSpeaker are crowdfunding in Kickstarter, I design this speaker for ReSpeaker. This is a very simple speaker, it's contrived process is not difficult, here to share with you~

Step 1: What We Need


  • Digital amplifier board
  • Speaker
  • DC Jack
  • Cable


  • M3*68 pillars —— 4 PCS
  • M3*12 Screws —— 12 PCS
  • M3 Nuts —— 4 PCS
  • M3*5 Self-tapping screws —— 8 PCS
  • Screw driver
  • White latex

  • M5 plank

  • M4 Bamboo clapper

Step 2: Build the Hardware

According to the wiring diagram mode, connecting digital amplifier board, speakers, and DC jack. Then power on, access audio, try it can not run~

Step 3: Making 3D Models

Here I use Rhino to build the 3D model, Modeling ideas are as follows:

  1. Sketching in heart
  2. Hardware Modeling
  3. build the approximate shape
  4. build holes and slots
  5. Sorting out the parts

Step 4: 3D Turn 2D

The establishment of these parts 2d drawings, export to DXF file format. use Coreldraw open it, fine-tuning and typesestting.

Step 5: Laser Cutting

Step 6: Fixed the Digital Amplifier Board and Speaker

Step 7: Fixed the Shell

Step 8: Done



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