The following instruction manual will teach you how to create not only the basic design of a Spiral Knights Wolver Helmet for a wearable costume, but also how to paint and attach the faux fur, leather and bolts for a more authentic looking helmet.  With the basic design of a Wolver series helmet, you will be able to customize the colors and details to your personal preference or keep them in line with your Spiral Knights avatar, if you have one.

The visual concepts for the Wolver series helmets and other Spiral Knights designs can be found either at http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Main_Page or by playing the game itself.  Concept ownership, characters, avatars, game and in-game elements and credit belongs to Three Rings and SEGA.

The tools and techniques employed in this manual can be completed by members of all skill levels.

NOTE: As a safety measure; if a child is working on this project, it is recommended that an adult be nearby for or be the one to complete the steps that require the hot glue gun.

Step 1: Gather and Print out Reference Pictures

Print out reference pictures of a Wolver series helmet on white paper.   If you wish to recreate an accurate Wolver series helmet (from the Wolver Cap family), locate the specific type of helmet you want to make and take *screen shots of it at different angles on your computer or print out pictures of it that have already been taken at different angles.  If you are making a personalized painted version, then using the first generation Wolver helmet (Wolver Cap) is recommended as a reference. 

Note: There are 6 types of helmets in the Wolver series; Wolver Cap, Dusker Cap, Ash Tail Cap, Skolver Cap, Snarbolax Cap and Vog Cub Cap. Each have the same basic design, it is the paint colors that differentiate them, with the exception of the Snarbolax Cap, as it has 3 eye slots on each side of the helmet and no bolts. Pictures of each of the helmets can be found here: http://wiki.spiralknights.com/Wolver_Cap

*screen shots: Bring up the image of the helmet you wish to take a picture of on your computer screen.  Using the correct keyboard combination (found by using google.com and looking up ‘how to take screen shots on a [brand of your computer]), take several shots of the helmet from varying angles.
My character's name is Amorrah, but I don't think I'll be playing anytime soon. The new format make it difficult for me to play, I do love the character designs though!

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