Make a Spycam With One Webcam





Introduction: Make a Spycam With One Webcam

Hello my name is Sebastian and this it is my first Instructable, my English is bad so a translator will use so that it is left best the possible thing, then if mod or admin can correct it from already thank you very much!

Good for this project we will need:
Common Web cam
Medium perfume box


This camera costs around 13 dollars, agrees to use an economic camera since they are but easy to open and to disarm.

Step 1: Opening Webcam

1 Take the screwdriver and we opened the camera with well-taken care of not altering anything taking some datum point to know as it is the right side.

Step 2: Opening Webcam

2 it removes the lens of the camera that is to spiral.

Step 3: Opening Webcam

3 We separated the lens of the platastico edge and we placed it of return.

Step 4: Spy Box

the perfume box and we do two holes to him, one of the diameter of the lens and another one of the connector usb.

Step 5: Spy Box

5 Introducimos the camera within the box remembering the right side and we removed to the cable by the back part and the lens by the front part from the box

Step 6: Spy Box

Spy box hide =D



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    This doesn't seem like a spy can...its just a repackaged web Cam.should be called "Hiding a web cam"

    a spycam that can be easily recognized even by a child is not counted as spycam :|


    No, but if you positioned the camera lower, you could hide that with casked wine in the with the drinks, looks like a fancy cask to me.

    Sweet. Next is the software. Setup the motion detection and remote-view.


    from which country do you come ?

    You can leave the lens off if you use a 'pin hole' in the side of the box.  It will act like your lens and it is very difficult to see.  I have a Kleenex box set up like that.

    5 replies

    Where do you have this box?


    The end table beside the sofa.  It records automatically while I'm at work.

    Are you doing a self-time-and-motion study? (sorry about the original question, but I associate Kleenex with bathrooms normally)


    Its a security camera.  A pinhole camera with a built in memory and a remote activation.  Had to search the neighborhood a few nights back because my neighbor caught someone on his land going through his stuff outside one evening.  I grabbed my .45 and we pretty much chased whoever it was away.  Thieves don't like guns or determined owners...

    Ah right, good idea.


    You can just disable the "power on" led and use motion detecting software to tell the cam to record.  Most people with a computer in their house have a webcam, so seeing a webcam isn't really threatening to intruders/evildoers, but seeing that "power on" light is.
    I also agree with kenbo0422, you don't need the lens housing except to focus, you can just pop that off, and it will work great and be less noticeable.