Introduction: Make a Steam Punk CRT Monitor From an Old TV

4" b & w steam punk CRT monitor

Step 1: Using Parts From an Old Bush Tv

I first added audio / video in to the bush tv, then thought I could strip down the TV and remove the tuner components from the main board along with other non required components to them leave a half empty PCB which I carefully trimmed down.

Step 2: See How It Has Progressed

added DC 9v in and a / v connectors at the back, and power, volume brightness , contrast on the front, using green sticky felt and mounted on a chopping board.


Ginko Balboa (author)2017-01-25

This is really cool. But dangerous, concerning the high voltage elements being exposed...but nevermind looks fantastic anyway. Reminds me of the PCs from the movie Brazil :)

Free kill (author)Ginko Balboa2017-02-14

it makes it fun

robot797 (author)Ginko Balboa2017-01-26

i was goeing to say the same
it only needs a magnifing glass infront it to be the same