Picture of Make a Super Bouncy Ball
Welcome to my instructable, where I will tell you how to make a great little toy using a chemical reaction, and easy-to-get chemicals.
Great science-fun for kids too!

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Step 1: Materials needed

This bouncy ball is made using a reaction between the two following chemicals:

- Alcohol (Ethanol) - You should be able to get this at any supermarket.
- Water glass (Sodium silicate) - Pretty easy to find at ceramic supply stores drug stores and hardware stores. I buy mine for about 3$ per 1/2 litre.

You will also need:

- Disposable rubber gloves
- 2 small beakers
- Popsicle stick

... and that's it! Now that wasn't so bad at all, was it?

Step 2: Mixing!

Start by measuring 4 tsp. of water glass into one beaker, and 1 tsp. of alcohol into the other.
Then pour the alcohol into the beaker with water glass and start stirring immediately with the popsicle.

A white solid should start to appear in the mixture, and within a minute or two it should be all solid.

Step 4: Done!

Now the only thing left to do is use it!
Bounce it, juggle it etc.

The bouncy ball should be stored in a plastic bag, and if it breaks or gets distorted, just squeeze it back together into a ball shape.

And for a pink bouncy ball you can use phenolphthalein instead of alcohol. The only thing is, that it is not as easy available.
jpetty13 years ago
does it dry? If I add 4 cups to 1 cup will i get a bouncy ball?
maxthecat15 years ago
my bouncy ball breaks very easily. how can i get it so it doesn't break apart? and it also dries out quickly. I am using rubbing alcohol instead of ethanol. is that the problem?
Tenn7 years ago
I made this with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students for a teaching project in AP Chemistry. After asking my Chemistry teacher whether it would kill me or not, and getting the inconclusive answer of; "No, but -I- wouldn't," I licked it. I'm still in tip-top shape. :)
paulapaula7 years ago
This is just a little question. are the materials you're using safe and non-toxic? And what is the appropriate age for this bouncy ball?